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Since 1961

EGO EYEWEAR design, manufacture and distribute beautiful Eyewear around the world. Under license agreement for some of the world’s most famous and prestigious Fashion brands. Administrative Headquarter in Stockholm and the Head office in London. EGO EYEWEAR was founded by a Dutch, back in 1961, and is now run by his son together with working shareholders. From a very humble beginnings, the company now has offices and operations in London, Osaka, Stockholm, and Hong Kong, with distribution reach that spans all continents.

Product design is
the heart of EGO

Each single product is designed from the drawing board by in-house design team. Working in details and in close collaboration witch each brand, in order to capture the unique DNA of the brand. The Eyewear are created in unique materials and finish that makes the products stand out by itself. The Eyewear are for global distribution and it is important to make sure that the products can fit into every country around the globe. Local expertise are brought in to make sure to be on the right track, without losing the DNA of each brand, such as AXEL ARIGATO, GANNI, BARBOUR, BARBOUR INTERNATIONAL, JOSEPH, VIKTOR&ROLF, LYLE & SCOTT and LIBERTY LONDON.

Quality production
Quality connection

The product Quality team is based in Hong Kong. EGO EYEWEAR work only with the world's finest producers. Each of them carefully selected to fill all the needs for making the perfect product and bring it to the market on time. The QA team ensures that each product is made exactly as designed and to the standards and quality levels that the brands are renowned for. EGO EYEWEAR make assure that both the brand owner and the customers gets the perfect product which is real and true.

Caring for the future

Striving to sustainability. It is especially important for the future generation due to the continued climate change and growing population. The vision of the Sustainability strategy is to lead the change towards a more eco-friendly and renewable materials and production while at the same time being a fair and equal company. It is important to get everybody on board; employees, customers, suppliers etc. with engagement and close collaboration. It is not possible to do this work alone. It can only be done in close work with others.

EGO EYEWEAR respects human rights. Working towards diversity and equal thinking among employees and the supply chain is a very important goal. In order to control the quality and to maintain the ongoing work to always be better, factory visits and reviewing quality and production reports frequently are part of monitoring the overall Quality assurance work.