• “No nonsense”

    For Salming the ancient powers of the Laplandic culture and mysticism are the essence of who he is and always will be – the backbone of his heart, mind and soul. It is within this scenery his heritage lies; this is where the wind is blowing like it has ever blown before and this is where Salming finds his freedom. The woods and a tiny cottage are his sanctuary, his escape from the city’s frenetic activity. We who have watched Salming from afar see the Laplander that conquered the world of Ice Hockey and became a Hall Of Famer…

    We’ve all been rookies

    “During his very first days in Gävle, Sweden, in the early 70’s, as a rookie playing for Brynäs IF, his team mates went on a biking odyssey on the countryside. The team made a practical joke; they gave rookie Salming a different route to bike – a route that was 100 kilometers longer than the one the other guys biked. No questions asked; Salming took that trip. He got back to the locker room. He did not say a word, just took a shower. The very next day, Salming took the same trip again. Alone. Voluntarily…”

    You play and you play hard

    The Sami culture has always found energy and a peace of mind in living close to the wild and untamed nature. The Sami have embraced all the difficulties and survived – to quit or surrender was never an option. This is the culture from which Salming descends. Players all over the world who have encountered him on the ice could feel his Sami heritage in his attitude. You play and you play hard. No nonsense!
    Salming was never an average-Joe on the ice. His heritage taught him to always deliver and never to quit – no matter the cost. Even at the cost of more than 500 stitches and a 50% loss of eyesight on one of his eyes; you go in there, cover that shot and get right back to it to make your team win. It is a survivor mentality. A one in a million attitude, yet a tangible brand value of a Sami-descendant…