• “You are not born glamourous, glamour is created”

    In the 20th century, Mr Max Factor transformed starlets into Hollywood icons by giving them a glamorous transformation with iconic make-up looks and hairstyles. He created these unique looks for them based on his study of their features and faces. Mr Max Factor coined the phrase ”make-up” and created the first commercially available foundation.

    In the 21st century, his iconic glamour statements have been given a modern twist by Max Factor’s world renowned, Global Creative Director. Making this a leading brand in make-up in over 70 coutries, enabling 30 million women each year to achieve their perfect look.

    Max Factor Eyewear makes woman look and feel glamorous. Glamour is not something you are born with, it is something you create. Max Factor Eyewear is the ideal finishing touch to complete the iconic Max Factor looks with glamorous elements such as gold accents, the classic black and white details and colours inspired by Max Factor’s heritage make-up. You might even find eyewear to match your favourite Max Factor eye shadow or lipstick.

    A selection of frames designed for the female customer to enhance her facial features and self-expression. All styles have a metal coloured band on the temple, designed to perfectly match the distinctive language of Max Factor products, creating a synergy accross the collection and the different styles.