EGO Eyewear has started a collaboration with YOHIO.Ronald Gezang CEO EGO Eyewear, We are very proud to make glasses and sunglasses with YOHIO. It is incredibly inspiring to be working with such a young person who dares to be different and that goes his own way.

YOHIO Singer, guitar virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, language aptitude and visual kei star in Japan. Although he has not yet reached the age of 18 it seems that YOHIO is something of a modern renaissance man.
With his Eurovision entry, Heartbreak Hotel, he was breathtakingly close to win. However, with his new solo album, Break The Border we get to see the extent of his talent. All the songs except the above is written by himself and apart from the drums. You will find amazing guitar riffs, intricate verses, epic melodic choruses, Japanese-inspired harmonies and explosive guitar cascades.
The distribution of the glasses will be in Japan, Sweden and other European countries. Wherever YOHIO breaks into his fans hearts.